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Wash & Blow Out

Senior $50 and up

washed and blown out smooth

Wash & Curl

Senior $60 and up

washed and dried, then curled using a hot tool

Curl Only

Senior $40 and up

hair is already pre-washed and dried, we curl it with a hot tool


Senior $90 and up

half up, all up, braiding - your stylist will tell you how to have your hair prepped before the appointment. Costs will vary according to complexity of style as well as length and density of hair. 

A consultation is required

Extension Consultation

are you looking to add length? Boost volume? Play with colour?  Extensions might be exactly what you need.  Your consultation will go over the best type of install for your hair, the cost of the hair, the maintenance schedule and after care routines.  This service is $25 which would be applied to your extension costs should you decide to book an extension service.


must accompany another service

R+Co Shine $30

shine & hydration
ideal for coloured hair
hydrate, gives shine & locks in colour for up to 10 washes

R+Co Moisture $30

hydration & softening

ideal for dry, coarse hair

hydrates and softens hair texture to give a softer more supple texture

R+Co Repair $30

hydration & repair

ideal for damaged, dry and over processed hair

hydrates and repairs using a special formula of baobab oil, leaving hair feeling stronger and softer

Detox Scrub & Masque $35

scalp scrub, apple cider vinegar rinse & hydration treatment (3 steps)

ideal for removing scalp buildup, treating scalp ailments, removing artificial build up (while protecting colour), detoxing and renewing hair and scalp

Brazilian Bond Builder $40

reconstruction/bond building

ideal for anyone using lighteners or bleach in their hair. this treatment goes into your chemical service and builds your hair from the inside out

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