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Still unsure? Contact us...

I don't know what I want. How much will it cost?

A: Book a complimentary consultation.

Consultations are 15-30 minute appointments with the stylist who will be taking care of you. This is your opportunity to ask questions, get directions, meet your stylist and bring in visual references. It's great to want Kardashian hair, bangs, a short pixie cut.... but maybe they aren't realistic for you. Or perhaps there's another option you hadn't considered. Booking a free consultation is always a great idea when you are not 100% sure what to do, or when you're making a big change.

Why do you want to know how long my hair is when booking?

A: We charge based on how long your hair is when you come in for your appointment. Gone are the days of Men's & Women's cuts. Not every person identifies as or with a specific gender, and we are 100% okay with that. Also, if a man walks in with hair to his waist, and a woman walks in with a short little pixie, why should the pixie pay more just because she's a cis-gendered woman? For that reason, we charge based on length not gender.

My hair is really long, but I'm going to cut it short. How should I book?

A: Book based on how long your hair is before the hair cut. We don't charge based on how much we cut off, we charge based on what you bring us. If your hair is long and you're cutting it into a bob or pixie.... book a long cut.

My hair is extra thick or extra long... do I need to let you know before hand?

A: If you're booking online just leave a 'note' in the notes section and we will see it when we check the system. Typically we would just extend the appointment a bit to allow for enough time to provide a full service for you. If you're calling to book, just give us a heads up that your hair is extra thick or extra long. Most people are aware if their hair is thicker than normal or extra long, it's courteous to give us a heads up so we can make sure there is enough time to provide a full service appointment for you.

What's included with your haircuts?

A: Haircut appointments start with a proper consult. You'll be asked some questions so we can get to know what it is you want, how you take care of your hair and what your day to day maintenance level is. If we ask about product usage, it isn't us trying to sell you our products (although they are excellent and you really should try them), it's about navigating the expectation vs. reality.

All appointments include a wash and blow out/style. Additional styling (curls, waves, pinning) may be subject to an additional charge. Make sure to speak with your stylist if you want your hair finished a particular way.

I just want a 'trim'.... how much is that?

A: I promise you, every hairstylist hates this question. A trim is a haircut. It's still washed, sectioned, cut, crosschecked and blown out. It's the exact same amount of work to take off 1/4 inch or 2 inches. If you really just want a 'trim' or a 'dusting', consider booking a dry cut.

What's a dry cut?

A: Dry cutting is when you come in with clean, dry, straight/smooth hair. We will 'trim' the length and 'trim' the layers. That's it. No styling, no wash, no fuss.

*this service is not recommended for very curly hair.

Do you dry cut curly hair?

A: Yes! Our stylist Emma will dry cut curly hair. However, curly dry cuts are booked as regular cuts vs the dry cut service due to complexity of the service.

Which hair length should I book?

A: Clipper Short-clippers used on the sides and back. Usually a fade. Shorter on the sides and back with more length on the top.

Scissor Short- this is the person that doesn't like clippers being used. Its typically always scissors on the sides and back, and then scissor work on top. Think pixie cut or a classic 'gentleman's' haircut.

Medium Cut-as long as your length isn't touching your shoulders, but is longer than a Scissor Short, this is where you fit. Think bob/lob length.

Long Cut- if your hair touches your shoulders or is longer, this is a Long Cut.

When in doubt, call us and we can talk about it on the phone.

I want to colour my hair, which service should I book?

A: It's recommended to come in for a consultation. Bring pictures that inspire you, chat with one of our stylists/colourists and figure out what will work for you. Our goal is to give you colour that will work for your maintenance level. Only want to colour it every 6 months? Consider a Balayage. Want to be icy platinum? Bleach & Tone is probably best, but you'll need to come in every 6 weeks to maintain it. So for the best results.... book a free consultation.

I coloured my own hair at home, why does that matter?

A: Box dye is very different than professional colour. So if you've been playing with your own hair it's important to let us know. We can typically see previous colour in your hair, but if it's a good match and we cant see it, and you don't tell us... it could be disastrous. So be honest with your stylist about your hair history. We aren't going to judge you for it, but we need to know so we can properly formulate and give you the best result.

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