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**Book your service according to the length you currently have**

Unless specified otherwise, all cuts include a wash & blowout. 



we encourage you to bring in visual references

please arrive with your hair down, clean, detangled and dry

Buzz Cut 

Senior $40/Junior $40

take it all off, just shy of a straight razor

shortest cut you can get, with the least maintenance

Clipper Short

Senior $45/Junior $40

a combination of clipper and scissor work

traditionally referred to as a 'men's cut'

Scissor Short

Senior $55/Junior $45

scissor work and detailing

if your hair length is shaggy and around the ears-ish then this is where you fit 

Medium Cut 

Senior $70/Junior $60

jaw line to above the shoulders

one length bob to 'lob'

Long Cut 

Senior $90/Junior $80

if it's touching your shoulders and beyond, this is where you fit

wash, cut and blow out

Dry Cut 

Senior $65/Junior $55

less than a 1/4" off the ends

(a dusting) - Please call to book this service

no wash, blow dry or styling, your hair is already washed, dried and straightened/smoothed

for maintenance; not reshaping

curly hair folx, this is not for natural texture

Curly - Long

Senior $95

from 2A to 4C, this cut is for you if your hair is longer than a few inches.  Includes a dry cut, wash and diffused style

Curly - Short

Senior $65

no matter the curl type, if your hair is shorter than 3 inches this is the cut for you.  Includes clipper and scissor work on dry hair then a wash and diffused style.

Bang Trim 

Senior $25/Junior $20

you already have a bang/fringe, just need it cleaned up.

Bang Creation

Senior $35/Junior $30

you currently don't have bangs, or they aren't the style you'd like

this is for the "I want bangs" person

Undercut Refresh

Senior $30/Junior $25

fix up and re-fade your undercut

this is not a re-fade of sides & back​

Undercut Creation

Senior $35/Junior $30

been thinking about an undercut?

want that "vent"?

this is for you

14 Day Re-Fade

Senior $30/Junior $25

re-fade your sides & back to keep it fresh!

must be booked with the same stylist that did your clipper short cut, and done within 14 Days from your last cut

no wash or style

Kids Cut

Senior $50/Junior $50

kids 3-10

clipper and scissor work

We charge our cuts based on CURRENT length, not gender. We believe hair is hair, and whether you're growing it out or chopping it short, we don't really care how you pee.

Cutting prices are subject to change based on hair density and complexity. If your appointment is booked online and the wrong cutting service was chosen you will be made aware of the changes during the consultation. If you request additional styling such as the use of hot tools there may be additional charges - please speak with your stylist.

Junior stylists are fully trained and capable, prices are discounted to make up for extended appointment times. 

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make your appointment, please let us know within 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. You will receive a confirmation email 48 hours prior to your visit. If you cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours, or are a no-show; you will be charged 50% of the service you are booked for. Thank you for your understanding!

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